The Radix Exchange node is hosted in the UK and maintained by 4A1, a longterm technology company providing cutting edge, robust solutions for over 30 years to a diverse range of clients.

Details can be found on the RadixDLT Explorer.

Stake with Radix Exchange:

Community validator nodes by geographical location.

Contact me if you'd like your node to be added to the map: Discord - ianmac | Radix Exchange

Sensible Staking - based on RadixDLT knowledge base.

Full article here.

Spread your stake across at least 5 good validators that all have less than 3% of the total stake.

Stake widely to many validators. Selfishly, you wouldn’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, and have one validator fall out of favor and you lose your incentive rewards. Even the most well-intentioned node-runner may be disconnected for reasons beyond their control.

Stake across a range of geographies. Diversity is important! A good, reliable, secure network should be made of node-runners with different types of deployments, in different locations – each with enough stake delegated to them to participate strongly in the network. Known community members are great, but so are professional node-running services, individuals who are making a strong effort to engage with the community, and others.

Stake to quality. Nodes you stake to should be trusted not only not to be an attacker but also to have the technical ability and commitment to operate a reliable node. See if they are communicating with the community on Discord or the Radix Validators Subreddit. Ask them questions!

Don't stake to the very top validators. You might tend to want to delegate to the most popular nodes with the most stake already. But if only a few validators have too much stake, even an accidental disconnection could slow the network or (in an extreme situation) cause the network to halt temporarily. It’s essential to delegate “down ballot” to those lower in the list of 100 to ensure network performance and reliability.